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The Derrick Fox Choral Series


The Derrick Fox Choral Series on MusicSpoke is rooted in the belief that representation matters. This series is intended to be a resource for those looking to create diverse musical programs that include music by and about people from marginalized and/or minortized populations. I hope the singers in your choir will see themselves reflected and respected in the music included in this series or learn about the lived experiences of people outside of their own community


Ukholo Lwami

Thabo Matshego

For Loveliness

Dr. Christopher Harris

Image by Juliette F
Image by Levi XU

Epilogue: Why I Do Not Weep

Dr. Christopher Harris


Sabelo Mthembu

Children Embracing in Circle
Sheet Music

Slumber On

Dr. Christopher Harris

Keep Marchin 

Dr. Raymond Wise

Gospel Choir

Shine on Me

Aaron J. Fisher

Raise Your Voice in Song

Dr. Derrick Fox

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