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Session Handouts

View select session/workshop handouts and presentations below.

Assessment in the Choral Classroom

Whether novice or veteran, today’s music educator is increasingly faced with implementing accountability strategies in their classrooms. In this session, you will be introduced to and/or familiarized with a variety of assessment models that allow for individual student evaluations that benefit the entire choral program. Implementation of these methods is easy; they work well for any music curriculum and the results will clearly communicate your students’ achievements to your administrators, colleagues and parents. Strategies explored in this session will aid students in learning repertoire, elevate students’ musical aptitude, and encourage lifelong music making.

The P.A.S.S.I.O.N.A.T.E Choral Director's Guide to Longevity in the Classroom (If It It To Be, It It Up To Me!)

As the years go by, we teachers assume many roles— director, choreographer, set builder, costume designer, caregiver, counselor—losing ourselves in the many tasks that are required to keep our choral programs afloat. The strategies in this session will outline ways to protect your passion and balance your work/life responsibilities.

Exploring Future Teaching Practices for the Choral Classroom during COVID-19 and Beyond

This session explore synchronous and asynchronous Future Teaching Practices (FTP) that will help the choral directors pivot their instruction to meet the musical needs and social/emotional of their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Nothing can replace in person choral singing but through collaboration and positivity, we can keep our community intact until we can sing together again.

The Choral Director as the Voice Teacher

The benefits of having students in your ensembles participate in voice lessons can be invaluable. The reality is that access to these lessons is not always available or affordable. This participatory session will introduce vocal techniques, literature ideas and rehearsal tips that will strengthen your singers’ musicality and promote healthy vocalism throughout your rehearsals. This session is for the “do it all” teacher/conductor searching for more strategies to develop their choral singers’ personal vocal development.

Acknowledgement, Affirmation and Action: Cultivating an Inclusive Choral Community

Unpacking the bias in our curriculum and in ourselves is a difficult process but necessary journey in creating and fostering an inclusive choral community. In this workshop, Dr. Derrick Fox will present concepts that help you ACKNOWLEDGE your biases (personal and curricular) with the hopes that you will identify blind spots that may minoritize and marginalize singers in your ensembles or classrooms, outline methods that support the AFFIRMATION of varied lived experiences represented in your ensembles and offer ACTION steps that break the cycle of oppression and support diversity equity, inclusion, access and belonging. Our journeys are unique and this presentation is intended to be a starting place and not final chapter for your work towards creating an inclusive choral community.

2022 Choral Canda: Podium Handout

Through the lens of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, session-goers will be introduced to repertoire that represents diverse lived experiences and learn how to apply culturally relevant pedagogy to diversify their musical spaces. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Action: Exploring Repertoire

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